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Hello everyone  I hope you all are having a great day. I want to show another color which would be trending this Spring 2016, which is LILAC GREY(distinctive edge)
I chose to mix this trouser with a polka dots black collar shirt and a fitted black blazer. To accent this style I mixed it with a mixture of color pocket square and a watch.

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Another color for Spring 2016 is SERENITY(calming effect) in this option I chose this collar shirt with an iced coffee fitted blazer. I also chose a pair of dark blue trouser with a pair of iced coffee oxford dress shoes. As you see I also choose an iced coffee watch with a mixture of serenity and snorkel blue pocket square that bring a relaxing effect to the outfit.

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Another color for Spring 2016 is BUTTERCUP(happiness, sunny bright). In this case I chose to mix this beautiful long sleeve collar shirt with a pair to dark blue dress pants, some iced coffee oxford dress shoes and belt. As you also see I introduced the watch and the stripped socks to put a little more style to your outfit.

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Other colors that would be trending this Spring 2016 is ROSE QUART(gentle tone that shows compassion and a sense of composure ) in this case I am wearing this blazer with a pocket square as an accessory. Also PEACH ECHO(friendly quality with warmth essence) this beautiful long sleeve shirt. I decided to mix them with a pair of black dress pants and a pair of oxford dress shoes.

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Hello everyone, today I decide to share another color, a type of RED known as FIESTA. Is another color that would be trending for Spring 2016.

You might not know, but the color FIESTA shows passion, strength, excitement, and fierce. You can never go wrong by wearing a passionate color. In this case I decided to mixed it with a square print red, black, and white long sleeve shirt, a zipper casual sweater, a pair of square print trousers and a pair of red suede loafers shoes. As you also see an accessory puts a little flavor to it. The suspenders, if you chose to wear them, then is up to you, either both side down, or only one. You can also wear a bow tie if you want.

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Hello everyone, my name is Oscar Celi and I have created this blog to introduce the world about FASHION. If we introduce FASHION we would say that is a famous trend specially in styles, in this topic I want
specify in the way we all dress. There are different types of fashion in the world. I believe now it has become a way to express yourself.
I hope you are having a great day. Let’s get started!!!!


We are heading to Spring 2016 and one of the colors that would be trending is SNORKEL BLUE(energetic). There are many ways to style the color, I chose to mixed it with ICED COFFEE(earthy and soft), which is another color that would be trending. You want to make sure you feel comfortable with what you are wearing. You can have a combination of a blazer, coat or even a casual sweater with a pair of trousers and a pair of casual style shoes. Is always great to add a little accessory to it. As you see the pocket square, the socks, and the suspenders are a way to put a little flavor to your style.

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Getting Discovered

I was worried about the website not doing so well since it is fairly new but over the few days it has been online, I see that it is getting discovered easily from Search Engines due to the tips that I implemented after I read about pinging sites. If you are doing a WordPress blog and want it to get known quickly, I highly recommend trying out the tips.

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